Our Top Five Resources Last Month

By Taylor Kremer

Each month we publish several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are the resources from our newsletters that educators turned to the most in the month of January.
1. History Animated
History Animated provides animations of battles of the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the US Civil War, and US campaigns in Europe and the Pacific during World War II.
2. Vans Custom Culture
The Vans Custom Culture art competition challenges students to reimagine blanks pairs of Vans shoes to represent four themes of the Vans’ “Off the Wall” lifestyle: action sports, arts, music, and local flavor. Entries are due February 10, 2017, at 5 p.m. (PT).
3. Lure of the Labyrinth
Lure of the Labyrinth is a digital game for middle school pre-algebra students. The game includes a wealth of intriguing math-based puzzles wrapped into an exciting narrative game in which students work to find their lost pet and save the world from monsters!
4. Media Literacy & Fake News
C-SPAN Classroom’s new lesson plan, Media Literacy & Fake News, is based on five C-SPAN videos featuring authors and other experts talking about the role of media in influencing how people think about political topics.
5. Sing About Science and Math
The Sing About Science and Math website is a free database of lesson plans for incorporating music into STEM classes. To qualify for inclusion in the database, a lesson plan or instructor guide must ask students to interact with STEM music in some way beyond listening to the song or singing along to a prerecorded version.
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