Our Top Five Resources in May 2018

By Kelsey Podgorski
Each month we publish blogs and several newsletters full of digital learning, funding, professional growth, social media, and STEM resources. Below are items from our blogs and newsletters that educators turned to the most in May.
From the creators of Those Amazing Professions comes Those Amazing Engineers, a site dedicated to teaching students about careers in engineering. Videos connect classroom STEM skills to real-world examples, provide information on a myriad of vocational opportunities, and offer engaging classroom activities to challenge students.
Students dive into the art and science of Leonardo da Vinci through Exploring Leonardo by the Museum of Science, Boston. Learn how the scientist, inventor, and artist used the scientific method to examine life and make observations about the world through creative activities.
Design Squad Global, by PBS Kids, is an online hub of activities and challenges that give middle school students the opportunity to solve real engineering problems around the globe. Videos feature multitalented professionals who inspire kids to explore engineering as a career.

Students learn the basic principles of economics and finance through a series of educational comic books by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. These free comics are targeted to middle school, high school, and college students and are available digitally and in print.

TechGirlz is a nonprofit dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology fields. The organization empowers middle school girls to take an interest in tech through free, open-sourced workshops, fun activities, and connections to women in the tech industry. High school students can volunteer to lead events.

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