Resources for Championing a Diverse and Inclusion Workplace

The Consortium for School Networking’s new platform uses tech resources to enrich K–12 education and deepen understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Helping districts recognize and celebrate the differences that create a richer learning environment, this invaluable tool fosters recruitment and retention of historically underrepresented groups.

The CoSN DEI Clearinghouse of Resources features tech tools grounded in best practices for school leaders to foster a true sense of belonging and encourage and inspire all students to consider the IT field as a future home for their talents.

Using the Clearinghouse is easy, with categories broken down to quickly access according to specific needs. The Recruitment & Retention section offers retention strategies, recruitment techniques, and resources for fostering a sense of belonging among employees, with a link to a collection of workshops aimed at building an IT pipeline. The Educational Resources section offers not only curricular resources for diversity and inclusion but also a resource library, as well as links for examining self-bias. The Diversity & Inclusion section covers topics such as invisible disabilities, LGBTQ+ resources, systemic racism, accessibility, marginalized groups, and global inclusion issues that support creating an inclusive workplace.

This curated gateway equips school leaders to be better informed and create a learning environment where all feel welcome and able to thrive.

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