Next Generation of Personalized Learning, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Ed is an AI-powered learning tool developed through a partnership with AllHere Education, offering students 24/7 access to vital information and resources. Rooted in the teaching and learning that happens in the classroom, Ed provides resources to students and helps parents understand how their children are individually progressing and how they can be supported throughout their schooling.

Ed’s key features include Academic Progress Monitoring, Personalized Learning Activities, Timely Support and Guidance, High-Quality Content Support, Personalized Alerts and Messages, Multilingual Capabilities, and Around-the-Clock Availability.

By combining advanced technology and comprehensive data, Ed provides easy-to-understand reports about a student’s progress. It also creates action plans based on a student’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Students will be able to access relevant, district-approved, student-centered online tools and resources to support their acceleration, growth, and achievement. The platform is adaptive to meet each student’s needs. This customized approach makes the student’s supplemental skills practice more engaging, effective, and aligned with their individual needs.

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