Multidisciplinary Resources to Help High School Students Develop AI Literacy

A collaboration of Stanford University’s Graduate School of Education and Institute for Human-Centered AI, Classroom-Ready Resources About AI for Teaching (CRAFT) is a collection of co-designed artificial intelligence (AI) literacy resources for high school teachers, to help students explore, understand, question, and critique AI.

CRAFT intentionally pursues a multidisciplinary approach so educators with a variety of discipline backgrounds can teach about AI.

Currently the website offers seven free lessons/activities for use at the high school level: “How Can AI Help Us Become Better Writers?” “Is AI New?” “What Is Algorithmic Bias?” “How Does Algorithmic Bias Impact Different AI Applications?” “How Does AI Classify Images?” “How Should (or Shouldn’t) My Data Be Used in Algorithms?” “Where in the World Is AI Around Me?”

Each lesson/activity provides links to “Digital Materials” (Teacher Guide, Student Worksheets, and other tools such as videos); “Objectives”; “Questions Explored”; “Key Terms”; and “Related Resources.” Teachers can choose to integrate a small activity or tool, or follow a multiday series of lessons.

CRAFT is constantly growing, so be sure to check back regularly for new lessons and activities.

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