Game That Fuels a Culture of Generosity in Children

A new app and website called Give As We Grow teaches children about the four Ts of philanthropy: Time, Treasure, Talents, and Ties. The digital experience, developed in a collaboration of The Phillips Foundation, GivingTuesday, and the National Center for Family Philanthropy, features interactive games, educational tools, and journals to inspire children to give back to their communities.

A play-based learning game currently serves child users in the upper-elementary age range. As they explore the Give As We Grow world, children are introduced to concepts in a generosity-focused curriculum while having fun. Minigames, which are linked to real nonprofits, and the in-game dialogue introduce topics related to generosity and philanthropy. Self-led exploration and child-friendly explanations and vocabulary connect children’s passions to ways to give back. Children can also activate a “time traveling mode to see how their generosity today will impact their community in the future.

A Giving Journal, within the app, lets children and their families log their real-world giving—as well as their service and philanthropy stories. The journal also captures in-game trends and activities, which help identify how children may like giving back in the real world.

The game is free to download for iOS and Android devices. A curated collection of free resources helps fuel a culture of generosity at every age and stage.

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