Funding Dedicated to the Teaching and Encouragement of Reading

Believe in Reading awards grants for successful literacy programs that serve populations with out-of-the-ordinary needs, such as geographic areas with low reading scores and high poverty levels. Believe in Reading will provide funds only if they are earmarked for literacy; reading must be the primary activity.

Believe in Reading will consider funding programs that serve any age or aspect supporting reading and literacy, including English as a second language projects or braille-related projects for the blind or visually impaired. The programs should have been established for a minimum of two years.

To be eligible for a Believe in Reading grant, organizations must be designated as having tax-exempt status, or its equivalent for educational institutions, including public libraries. Grant applications are considered as they are received; there are no specific deadlines.

At this time, the maximum grant amount is $10,000; however, the vast majority of Believe in Reading’s grants are for $3,000 or less. First-time applicants will not be funded for more than $3,000.

Because addressing literacy is not a short-term process, the grants are renewable for up to a maximum of three years, but a first-year award does not guarantee any subsequent grants.

Outcome-based reports are required from the grantee at the end of the project. Interim reports that provide a snapshot of how the program is progressing are also welcomed.

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