Free Lessons for Presidents Day (February 19)—and Beyond

The Center for Civic Education offers high school teachers the opportunity to teach about the constitutional legacy of George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan this Presidents Day. The Center’s free, ready-to-use lessons for Presidents Day engage students in grades 10–12 in learning how these presidents shaped the history and Constitution of our nation.

Written and reviewed by scholars, the lessons examine the constitutional, political, and civic principles associated with the public life of these presidents before and during their presidencies. Each lesson includes review questions, critical thinking exercises, and multimedia, as well as suggestions for books to read and websites to visit.

Plus: Elementary, middle, and high school students can learn the constitutional power and limitations of the executive branch with a selection of classroom-proven lessons from the Center’s We the People: The Citizen & the Constitution student texts.

We the People is available on Actively Learn, an interactive literacy platform that helps teachers activate, support, and reveal student thinking so that every student can read for depth. The platform feature multiple-choice and short essay exercises, embedded videos, audio narration, built-in-translation to multiple languages (including Spanish), support for learners who are dyslexic, and more. The lessons excerpted from each level of We the People are free to download for review. The entire text is available for one year at $9.99 per user.

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