Free Classes from Google & Adobe Certifying Educators in Basic AI

Want to empower school staff to use generative artificial intelligence (gen AI) but are unsure they will know how to use it effectively and responsibly? Google and Adobe are stepping up to help by providing free introductory courses on AI literacy designed specifically for educators.

Google’s course is tailored to demonstrate how gen AI can enhance teaching methodologies, while Adobe’s training explores practical applications of gen AI within educational settings with students. These courses not only build foundational knowledge but also provide a certification of completion

Generative AI Course for Educators from Google

In this two-hour course, participants learn about generative AI, which is a type of AI that creates new content, such as text, images, or other media. They will explore how to use generative AI tools to assist their teaching practice by saving time on everyday tasks, personalizing instruction to meet student needs, and enhancing lessons and activities in creative ways.

Throughout this course, participants will discover proven strategies for working with AI tools and practice using them to plan and update lessons, prepare instructional materials, manage behind-the-scenes administrative tasks, and more.

Participants can take an optional final assessment if they’d like to receive a certificate of completion of the two-hour course.

Generative AI in the Classroom with Adobe Express

In this 30-minute self-paced Lightning Learning course, participants learn about Adobe Express’s many new generative AI features for teaching and learning. They will explore creative and simple activities that support students throughout any project.

Each lesson in this practical, easy-to-follow course has quick videos and examples of ready-to-go lesson ideas and remixable templates that can be used as is or paired with participant’s lessons and resources in any subject.

At the end of the course, participants will be asked to submit an assignment. They will then receive a digital badge and a certificate for 30 minutes of professional learning.

These complementary courses help build foundational knowledge and provide an assessment to certify basic competency in using generative AI in educational settings. By completing these courses, educators will not only gain critical knowledge but also have increased confidence to responsibly and effectively integrate AI tools into their teaching methodologies, enhancing both their instructional practices and their students’ learning experiences.

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