Flag Day, An American Holiday—June 14, 2024

How does the American flag make “one out of many”? The Meaning of Flag Day explores the history and significance of the American flag with selections from American writers and statesmen, including Francis Scott Key, Walt Whitman, Stephen Crane, and John McCain.

Each selection includes a brief introduction, along with guiding questions for discussion. For example, in the section “Raising the Flag,” three short pieces are connected with three significant events in our nation’s history at which the flag of the United States was officially and ceremoniously raised: the victory of the Union in the Civil War (Abraham Lincoln), the victory of the United States and its allies over Germany and that nation’s allies in World War II (Harry S Truman), and the first landing of humankind on the Moon (Edwin E. Aldrin).

Students are encouraged to think about each occasion and its national and human significance. Although these events occurred at very different times and places, the flag raised was the same. Does the meaning of raising it also remain the same?

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