Data Science Learning Experiences for K–12 Classrooms

Data literacy is a key twenty-first century skill for nearly every occupation and daily life. It helps us better engage in the world around us and make informed decisions. Data Science 4 Everyone (DS4E) is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations elevating the importance of data literacy and expanding access to K–12 science education for every student.

DS4E was created by The University of Chicago Center for RISC and organized in partnership with The Learning Agency and Concord Consortium. The Data Science 4 Everyone Resource Center is a collection of resources for K–12 teachers who want to implement data science in the classroom. The resources range from yearlong courses to short activities.

One of the featured resources is “A Tale of Two Graphs,” a winning lesson selected from the DS4E Bite-Sized Lesson Plan Competition. The lesson is designed to push students in grades 6 and up to apply graph interpretation skills to a current social issue through data analysis and visualization.

The Center for RISC also offers resources from its DS4E partners. For example, in collaboration with Enable Education, the center has made available an interactive data science game called Algo-Rhythm, which introduces children in grades 4–6 to the world of data science through a medium they all know and love: music! The game encourages students to examine data from some of their favorite songs to develop different types of playlists. Children take on the role of DJ, selecting music based on data provided and not just their intuition. The game can be played for free online; it is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices.

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