Cross-Disciplinary Experiences Cultivating the Next Generation of Innovators

Inventionland Education’s Innovation Curriculum provides K–16 students with hands-on, immersive learning experiences that engage and entertain while teaching valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Innovation courses are intended to encourage and cultivate the next generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and creators to continue to innovate, learn, and grow.

The courses are designed for cross-disciplinary active learning to inspire students from diverse backgrounds and with different abilities. Students apply STEM and STEAM knowledge to collaborate, identify, and solve problems through the long-term development of their original inventions.

Using Inventionland’s nine-step method based on the fundamentals of real inventing, students learn about the processes of patenting, research, product design, prototype engineering, and marketing communications. Following the ABCs of Storytelling steps, students script, shoot, and edit a pitch for their product. The curriculum culminates in the Invention Contest, in which students promote their innovation and receive constructive feedback from a panel of entrepreneurs and experts, putting students’ public speaking, research, marketing, and presentation skills to the test. The contest is an engaging way to combine academic and cross-disciplinary skills.

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