Campaign to Recycle Solar Eclipse Glasses

Those highly sought-after eclipse glasses may seem useless now that the brief April 8 solar event is in the past. However, there are ways to pay it forward by offering the special eyewear to others.

The nonprofit Astronomers Without Borders (AWB) has partnered with libraries, schools, museums, businesses, and other organizations across the United States and Canada to collect used eclipse-viewing glasses, examine them for quality, and potentially pass them on to other communities for future celestial events.

AWB has been sending solar glasses for annular and total solar eclipses since 2008. From Africa, Asia, North and South America, AWB members, partners, and National Coordinators help to bring glasses to people who may not otherwise have a safe way to view an eclipse directly.

The organization is committed to continue sending glasses to those who need them for outreach and educational programs around the world. Visit the AWB website to find ways to contribute eclipse glasses to AWB’s recycling campaign. Building a community beyond time and place, glasses that allowed us to witness the 2024 eclipse can build bridges to individuals all over the world.

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