Artificial Intelligence Curriculum for Middle School Students

Since everyone will be impacted by AI in daily life and in the workplaces of the future, all students need to have fundamental knowledge of AI and understand AI’s potential for good and harm. The MIT Media Lab’s DAILyAI program jumpstarts middle school students’ readiness for AI and gives students the tools they need to prepare for an AI-enabled world.

Designed by MIT educators and experienced facilitators, the DAILyAI workshop features hands-on and computer-based activities on AI concepts, ethical issues in AI, creative expression using AI, and AI’s potential impact on the future. Students will experience training and use machine learning to make predictions, investigate bias in machine learning applications, use generative adversarial networks to create novel works of art, and learn to recognize the AI they interact with daily and in the world around them.

The workshop’s introductory unit answers the question, “What Is AI?” Unit 1 then introduces “Supervised Machine Learning,” Unit 2 addresses “GANS” (generative adversarial networks), and Unit 3 discusses “AI + My Future,” including careers in AI.

The DAILy-AI Curriculum for Middle School Students was created by the MIT Media Lab Personal Robots Group and the MIT STEP Lab. These materials are licensed as CC-BY-NC under Creative Commons. This license allows teachers to remix, tweak, and build on the materials noncommercially as long as they include acknowledgment to the creators.

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