AI Assistant and Tutoring Tools to Enhance Teaching and Learning

Contact North/Contact Nord, a nonprofit in Ontario, Canada, has released two free AI-powered tools for teachers and students: AI Teaching Assistant Pro and AI Tutor Pro. Both of these tools are powered by AI and work on smartphones, laptops, and desktops. No login is required, and users are not tracked.

AI Teaching Assistant Pro creates multiple-choice quizzes and essay questions with scoring capability at any level in any subject. It also creates a syllabus with course description, learning outcomes, and weekly topics. And it makes lessons interactive and allows teachers more time to help students with critical thinking and discussions. Teachers can watch a video presentation and try AI Teaching Assistant Pro for free.

For students, AI Tutor Pro, powered by ChatGPT, holds open-ended conversations. Students can participate by expressing their thoughts and learning about any topic at an academic level. They can copy and paste lecture transcripts, notes, and articles into the tutor and discuss the material with it. The tool also includes a review feature to help students remember what they have learned. Students are invited to watch a video presentation and try AI Tutor Pro for free.

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