Next Generation of Personalized Learning, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Ed is an AI-powered learning tool developed through a partnership with AllHere Education, offering students 24/7 access to vital information and resources. Rooted in the teaching and learning that happens in the classroom, Ed provides resources to students and helps parents understand how their children are individually progressing and how they can be supported throughout their schooling.

Funding Dedicated to the Teaching and Encouragement of Reading

Believe in Reading awards grants for successful literacy programs that serve populations with out-of-the-ordinary needs, such as geographic areas with low reading scores and high poverty levels. Believe in Reading will provide funds only if they are earmarked for literacy; reading must be the primary activity.

Free Lessons for Presidents Day February 19 - and Beyond

The Center for Civic Education offers high school teachers the opportunity to teach about the constitutional legacy of George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan this Presidents Day. The Center’s free, ready-to-use lessons for Presidents Day engage students in grades 10–12 in learning how these presidents shaped the history and Constitution of our nation.