Hands-On Science Bringing the Outside World into Focus for Children

To address the minimal time spent on science in early education and to promote outdoor classrooms in elementary schools, the Out Teach nonprofit helps teachers, schools, districts, and communities build outdoor learning labs that encourage hands-on science lessons, embed science instruction into various subjects, and inspire students to view science as a potential career path.

Virtual Adventures Opening Windows into Science Careers

Teachers and students can go on a scientific adventure from their own classroom. Hosted by a live museum educator from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Virtual Science Academy classes offer award-winning, two-way interactive videoconferencing.

Guide to the Surprising Science of Snowflakes

Snowflakes fall with a fascinating variety of shapes and patterns, including stellar dendrites, hollow columns, and triangular crystals. Why do snowflakes have the shapes they do? Why are they all so different, while the six branches grow so similarly?