Online Student Program on the Craft of Writing Fiction

The Common Young Writers Program welcomes high school students passionate about creative writing to join a two-week intensive course on the craft of fiction. Offered by Amherst College, this virtual summer courseincludes daily synchronous and asynchronous work for students excited to learn the building blocks of fiction (scene, character, plot, image) and write and revise their own stories in a short period of time.

Reading Experience with Rappers, Bringing Lyrics into the Classroom

Reading with a Rapper (RWAR) is an English language arts–based educational program in which elementary, middle school, and high school students learn to analyze literature by studying rap lyrics. Since its was founding in Houston in 2018, RWAR has spread to schools in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kansas City, and elsewhere.

Student Writing Project on the Theme of Diversity in Schools

The International Literacy Association (ILA) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA) are collaborating to amplify student voices in critical conversations promoting and uplifting diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in schools and communities. The writing project, which is open to students in kindergarten though grade 12, is related to the theme Dismantling Racial Injustice and Constructing Educational Possibilities.