Online Summer Program Exposing Students to the Field of Artificial Intelligence

As the field of artificial intelligence (AI) continues to make a big impact in the world, researchers and educators at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL) believe that to develop inclusive, humanistic, and benevolent technologies, the field of AI needs to include students, researchers, and technologists from all walks of life.

Challenge to Propose Solutions for Local Ecological Threats to Biodiversity

Philippe Cousteau Jr.’s nonprofit EarthEco International is inviting submissions from youth aged 13–16 to compete in the 2024 OurEcho STEM Challenge. The goal of the challenge is to identify local ecological threats to biodiversity and propose solutions to protect or repair them.

Guide to the Surprising Science of Snowflakes

Snowflakes fall with a fascinating variety of shapes and patterns, including stellar dendrites, hollow columns, and triangular crystals. Why do snowflakes have the shapes they do? Why are they all so different, while the six branches grow so similarly?