Classroom-based Curriculum for Building Mental Health Literacy

Mental health literacy—the foundation for mental health promotion, prevention, and care—can be developed through classroom-based curriculum implementation that has been scientifically shown to improve mental health–related outcomes for students—and for teachers.

Guide for Helping Children Cope After a Crisis

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, to process and heal, children need support tailored to their developmental level and needs. The Child Mind Institute offers a free downloadable resource guide for families and educators created by mental health experts who specialize in crisis situations. It includes information about typical reactions, emotions, and behaviors youth exhibit after experiencing trauma and suggests tools for responding as a parent or an educator.

Self-Care and Eliminating Hurry Sickness for Professional Women

Many professional women feel immense pressure to manage their own lives, careers, and family. Research has shown that women today are less happy than they have been over the past 40 years. As daughters, sisters, friends, wives, and mothers, there are many responsibilities to be balanced. Unfortunately, most women fail to keep a good balance for themselves, and keep taking from themselves, without giving anything back.