Free Discussion Lessons About the News

The Economist Educational Foundation’s Topical Talk discussions build the essential skills students need in order to engage with the world. Topical Talk provides free teaching resources for weekly classroom discussions about current affairs. The ready-to-use lessons are created by expert teachers in collaboration with world-leading journalists and fact-checkers from The Economist newspaper. Recent lesson topics include “Women in Media,” “Taylor Swift: pop stars and influence,” and “AI: education and the future of work.”

National Library Week-Highlighting the Role of Libraries in the Digital Age

From digital resources to interactive learning, libraries continue to evolve, enriching lives and fostering connections. Each April, the American Library Association (ALA) sponsors National Library Week, a time to celebrate the nation’s libraries and library workers’ contributions. It’s also a time to promote library use and support.

Programming Encouraging Civic Engagement Through Media Literacy

At the start of 2024, PBS KIDS began rolling out a slate of civics-themed content across a range of both new and existing series, encouraging children to get involved in their communities and learn more about what is happening around them.

Teaching Economics with Taylor Swift

Economics, as often taught in schools, is all about the number of widgets and supply and demand curves, and these abstract concepts can be uninteresting to many students. But showing students how the interplay between the NFL and Taylor Swift is an example of the theory of the firm, and looking at Swift’s career and success as a means of understanding gender economic discrimination, can make these concepts more meaningful to students.

Media Literacy Learning in the Digital Age

Creating an informed public capable of community, civic, and democratic engagement starts with educating youth to take responsibility for the content they create, share, and consume. The nonprofit Take Two Media Initiative is dedicated to teaching K–12 learners the media literacy skills they need to become smart digital citizens, through engaging, project-based filmmaking residencies in their schools.

eClassroom for Teaching Media Literacy in an Era of Misinformation

As students engage with online news and information, they need to navigate a complex media landscape. Checkology, a free online learning platform by the News Literacy Project, offers interactive lessons to help students in grades 6–12 develop media literacy skills.