Digital Storytelling Part 1
In this blog, Jason Ohler discusses 20 revelations about digital storytelling. From simple storytelling technologies in the early days of smartphones to the plethora of information that is available today, he tells a story about the good and the bad, the new and the old, and how we continue learning to find our own narrative. This blog encompasses the first of his revelations.
Take control of your professional development.

The days of sitting in one-size-fits-all
professional meetings are dwindling. Whole day, large group professional
development sessions are being replaced with technology-infused collaboration
ripe for lifelong learning. For me, the best part of this shift in professional
learning is the ability to focus on the topics that interest me the most.

Points of View in Media

Before the recent inauguration, then Vice-President Elect Pence accused the news media of being biased. As the media and Washington seem to be careening out of control, our students and their families are becoming more confused about navigating news.