Scientific Articles Written by Scientists in Partnership with Young Readers

Frontiers for Young Minds publishes articles that either describe new research on the cutting edge (New Discovery) or explain a key idea that is fundamental for understanding a scientific field (Core Concept). Articles cross all subject areas in STEMM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine).

Free Discussion Lessons About the News

The Economist Educational Foundation’s Topical Talk discussions build the essential skills students need in order to engage with the world. Topical Talk provides free teaching resources for weekly classroom discussions about current affairs. The ready-to-use lessons are created by expert teachers in collaboration with world-leading journalists and fact-checkers from The Economist newspaper. Recent lesson topics include “Women in Media,” “Taylor Swift: pop stars and influence,” and “AI: education and the future of work.”

Online Student Program on the Craft of Writing Fiction

The Common Young Writers Program welcomes high school students passionate about creative writing to join a two-week intensive course on the craft of fiction. Offered by Amherst College, this virtual summer courseincludes daily synchronous and asynchronous work for students excited to learn the building blocks of fiction (scene, character, plot, image) and write and revise their own stories in a short period of time.

Museum Preserving the Future of Skiing’s Past

The New England Ski Museum at Franconia Notch State Park in North Conway, New Hampshire, collects, conserves, and exhibits elements of ski history for research, education, and inspiration. The museum’s permanent exhibit is From the First Tracks to the Fall Line: eight thousand years of skiing.

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