Collections from the Fascinating World of Charles Dickens

The London home of Charles Dickens, now a museum, holds the world’s most comprehensive collection of material relating to Dickens’s life and work. With more than 100,000 items comprising furniture, personal effects, paintings, prints, photographs, letters, manuscripts, and rare editions, the collection of the Charles Dickens Museum is significant for its breadth and depth.

Data Science Learning Experiences for K–12 Classrooms

Data literacy is a key twenty-first century skill for nearly every occupation and daily life. It helps us better engage in the world around us and make informed decisions. Data Science 4 Everyone (DS4E) is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations elevating the importance of data literacy and expanding access to K–12 science education for every student.

Game That Fuels a Culture of Generosity in Children

A new app and website called Give As We Grow teaches children about the four Ts of philanthropy: Time, Treasure, Talents, and Ties. The digital experience, developed in a collaboration of The Phillips Foundation, GivingTuesday, and the National Center for Family Philanthropy, features interactive games, educational tools, and journals to inspire children to give back to their communities.

eClassroom for Teaching Media Literacy in an Era of Misinformation

As students engage with online news and information, they need to navigate a complex media landscape. Checkology, a free online learning platform by the News Literacy Project, offers interactive lessons to help students in grades 6–12 develop media literacy skills.

13 Ideas for Using Social Media in the Classroom

Many educators are embracing social media as a teaching tool with a wide array of benefits for learning. From communicating with parents and caregivers to organizing group projects to developing digital literacy, social media has the potential to enhance the curriculum at any grade level—provided it is used responsibly.

AI-Powered Reading Coach to Develop Vocabulary and Foster Fluency

Microsoft has made Reading Coach, its AI-powered tool that provides learners with personalized reading practice, available at no cost to anyone with a Microsoft account. Reading Coach builds on Reading Progress, a plug-in for the education-focused version of Microsoft Teams, Teams for Education, designed to help teachers foster reading fluency in their students.

Free Lessons for Presidents Day February 19 - and Beyond

The Center for Civic Education offers high school teachers the opportunity to teach about the constitutional legacy of George Washington, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan this Presidents Day. The Center’s free, ready-to-use lessons for Presidents Day engage students in grades 10–12 in learning how these presidents shaped the history and Constitution of our nation.

New GPT Store with Customized AI Tools for Educators

OpenAI has launched a GPT store, giving subscribers, including educators, access to a wide range of customized AI tools using the latest GPT technology. The GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) are customized versions of ChatGPT. Teachers can also customize their own GPTs and make them available on the store.

Digital Engineering Design Game for Early STEM Learners

From the Smithsonian Science Education Center, Tami’s Tower: Let’s Think About Engineering is a free educational engineering design game that helps children design solutions to a problem using basic engineering design principles. The game is aligned to educational science standards for K–12 and is designed for emergent readers.

Digital Curriculum, Black History Month (February 1–March 1)—and Beyond

In response to the growing call for high-quality curricula about African American history, the nonprofit Primary Source has launched Making Freedom: African Americans in US History, a digitally available curriculum featuring more than 50 units spanning 420 years of African American history, with up-to-date resources and teaching strategies in alignment with state standards for high-quality instruction.