Guiding Students’ Understanding of the Election Season

As the United States enters the 2024 election season, middle school and high school educators are invited to join Facing History & Ourselves for Democracy in Action, a series of free webinars and online workshops that will examine the health of democracy, voting and elections, and the pivotal influence of young people’s civic engagement.

Young People’s Continental Congress—Where Future and Past Meet

The year 2024 marks the 250th anniversary of the First Continental Congress, one of the most significant events in the founding of our nation. Delegates from the American colonies came together in Carpenters’ Hall, in Philadelphia, to discuss their grievances with Great Britain and solidify a united American identity.

Story of a Free-Born Black Family Personifying Ideals of the American Revolution

Students are invited to immerse themselves in the Museum of the American Revolution’s virtual tour of the special exhibition Black Founders: The Forten Family of Philadelphia. The 360-degree panoramic gallery and guided audio tour explore the story of free Black Philadelphian James Forten and his descendants as they navigated cross-racial relationships in Philadelphia during the American Revolution to become leaders in the abolition and women’s suffrage movements.

Programming Encouraging Civic Engagement Through Media Literacy

At the start of 2024, PBS KIDS began rolling out a slate of civics-themed content across a range of both new and existing series, encouraging children to get involved in their communities and learn more about what is happening around them.

Education Initiative Promoting Civic Literacy and Engagement

As the nation’s record keeper and home of the founding documents of the United States, the National Archives is uniquely positioned to promote civic literacy and engagement. By studying examples of civic engagement in the past, students will better understand their rights and responsibilities and be prepared to participate in their communities in the present.

Activities Examining the Complex Effects of Technology

While there are many movements encouraging teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms, as well as STEM/STEAM initiatives aimed at increasing students’ technological skills, there have been few initiatives or curricula aimed at helping students pursue a technology education that delves into the varied effects of technology through ecological and critical lenses.