Donations of Supplies for Art Projects

A lack of art supplies is a major issue with schools around the country and is particularly acute in K–12. Art is not just students having fun; it is a critical part of releasing energy and uses many of the skills that students are learning in other subjects, including math and engineering skills.

Space Stories Created Through a Collaboration of Animation Students and Astronomers

What if you put a team of astronomers and a class of animation students together to try to explain the mysteries of the Universe? Since 2013, NASA scientists have worked with students at Maryland Institute College of Art to produce a series of animations based on research related to black holes, pulsars, dark matter, and more.

Mosaic Mural Connecting People Through the Universal Language of Art

America Connects invites students to gather together with their classmates, friends, and family for a day filled with paintbrushes, smiles, and cherished moments. Together, they can create a masterpiece that celebrates diversity, connection, and the beauty of human expression.