STEM Research Mentoring Program for High School Students

High school students with a passion for STEM can join a select group of high-achieving students from around the world in the LearnSTEM Research Program, founded by researchers at top universities. In this online program, students will go above and beyond the standard curriculum to learn from and collaborate one-on-one with PhD mentors from elite universities such as Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, and University of California Berkeley.

Personalized, AI-Generated Reading Fluency Practice

Microsoft Reading Coach is an artificial intelligence (AI) teaching tool designed to help emerging and reluctant readers over the summer. With Reading Coach, learners cocreate their own stories with responsible AI. To drive continuous engagement, Reading Coach incorporates gamification into the learning process.

Inquiring and Investigating with Scientists in the Forest Service

The US Forest Service offers a variety of science education materials for prekindergarten through grade 12. Among the offerings are Natural Inquirer, a free science education journal written for middle school and high school students, and NSI: Nature Science Investigator, a free self-guided activity book designed for youth aged 8–14.

Educational Gardening Activities Engaging All the Senses

Gardening is a “sense-sational” way to engage children in outdoor learning and play. With their diversity of shapes, sizes, colors, scents, and textures, plants offer limitless options for designing a garden space to engage all the senses.

Media Literacy Learning in the Digital Age

Creating an informed public capable of community, civic, and democratic engagement starts with educating youth to take responsibility for the content they create, share, and consume. The nonprofit Take Two Media Initiative is dedicated to teaching K–12 learners the media literacy skills they need to become smart digital citizens, through engaging, project-based filmmaking residencies in their schools.