Cross-Disciplinary Experiences Cultivating the Next Generation of Innovators

Inventionland Education’s Innovation Curriculum provides K–16 students with hands-on, immersive learning experiences that engage and entertain while teaching valuable critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The Innovation courses are intended to encourage and cultivate the next generation of scientists, entrepreneurs, and creators to continue to innovate, learn, and grow.

Hands-On Science Bringing the Outside World into Focus for Children

To address the minimal time spent on science in early education and to promote outdoor classrooms in elementary schools, the Out Teach nonprofit helps teachers, schools, districts, and communities build outdoor learning labs that encourage hands-on science lessons, embed science instruction into various subjects, and inspire students to view science as a potential career path.

Data Science Learning Experiences for K–12 Classrooms

Data literacy is a key twenty-first century skill for nearly every occupation and daily life. It helps us better engage in the world around us and make informed decisions. Data Science 4 Everyone (DS4E) is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations elevating the importance of data literacy and expanding access to K–12 science education for every student.