Digital Citizenship Series

By Taylor Kremer

We’re excited to bring you a new series from a passionate digital citizenship advocate, Dr. Jason Ohler. The series will explore the importance of digital citizenship and provide strategies for integrating digital citizenship into schools.
The series will begin on February 17, 2017. This post will contain all of the links to the series’ posts. New links will be added as blogs are published.
  1. “Partycipate” Like It’s 2022: The Case for Digital Citizenship in Education
  2. Activities to Give Students a Voice in the Digital Citizenship Conversation
  3. How Predicting the Future Can Develop Digital Citizenship Skills
  4. Seven Strategies to Get Students Talking and Thinking About Digital Citizenship
  5. Three Skills Students Need to Become Good Digital Citizens
  6. Using Character Education to Teach Digital Citizenship
  7. How to Create a Successful Character Education Program That Teaches Digital Citizenship
Dr. Jason Ohler is a professor emeritus, speaker, writer and a lifelong digital humanist who is well known for the passion, insight, and humor he brings to his writings, projects, teaching and presentations. He has been helping community members, organizations and students at all levels understand the ethical implications of being digital citizens in a world of roller coaster technological change. His most recent book, 4Four Big Ideas for the Future, reflects on his 35 years in the world of educational media and innovation in order to chart a course for a future. He is first and foremost a storyteller, telling tales of the future that are grounded in the past. Find him on Twitter @jasonohler or visit his website:
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